Welcome to Dave’s corner, folks

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Welcome to Dave’s corner, folks.

Because this is a new site and we all don’t know each other very well yet, I feel the first few months I shouldn’t dive into house flipping and real estate tips. But instead, subtitle my corner as “Dear Kortney”. It will basically take you through a readable description of what happens in a normal day in the life of us Wilson’s. Once we feel comfortable with each other, we can start talking about DIY projects, saving money tips, Renovating tips, and my favorite topic... “Don’t Be Stupid” tips.
Ok, you agree? Great! Here we go.

Dear Kortney, I woke up this morning and want to thank you in advance for all you are about to do today. This is how I will start every blog because it just makes sense for me long-term.

This first blog is to share with everyone the art of making the bed in the morning. Kortney has a long list of talents but this is a doozie. Think of a luxury hotel with an all OCD housekeeping staff. Yes! That’s how the morning starts at our place. It’s a king-sized bed with the coziest Casper mattress ever made. The sheets are a crazy amount of thread count, like two thousand. Or at least it feels that way. The pillows are like butter and the duvet, or where I’m from, the comforter, is plush and soft. The six decorative pillows and the throw blankets add the finishing touch but the serving tray with candles that sits on the throw pillows is what I think Kortney would call “ The Icing”. "The Icing," is the part that I continually forget about but Kortney is always there to remind me. 

These are the raw ingredients of our bed.

Here is the recipe we follow.

One person on each side. On command, and at the same time, shake the main pillows so they look smooth. Before placing them back, pull all of the sheets tight. Think tight and then pull them tighter. Place the pillows and then shake out the duvet. Evenly place and fold over twice for a beefy “Ya, this is my bed” look. After this, put the throw pillows on in a configuration that changes periodically and without notice when she gets bored. The pillow that goes on last gets a karate chop for a sleek inviting look. Yes, I wrote this with a straight face.

Here's the thing though. Every morning, I silently bitch and complain about it as I do the math. 2 minutes, 7 times a week for 52 weeks,  multiplied by 20 years together equals 14,560 minutes. That being said...At the same time, looking across the bed at my cute OCDer (that's my own word) for all those minutes reminds me of what a lucky man I am.  And damn comfortable when I close my eyes at night.


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Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Dave Wilson, an avid dreamer and talented musician, packed his bags and headed to Nashville, TN seeking a career in country music. There, after falling in love with his now wife, Kortney Wilson, he found his passion drew him towards the exhilarating world of flipping houses. With a sharp background in the real estate market and a penchant for the thrill of that final payoff, Dave oversees the day-to-day project management of the flips, all the while keeping eye on that final prize – a profitable outcome from transforming something ugly into something spectacular!

8 Comments on “Welcome to Dave’s corner, folks”

  1. This made me laugh out loud! I think my husband would agree with you, about all “the extra stuff” on the bed! And i’m so excited that you two have a website.

  2. Hey Dave! Remember me?! It’s been years but I enjoyed hanging out with you and Kortney for a few days when I was in Nashville many years ago. I guess you would call those the early years. Congrats on your success. It’s fabulous! Who knows, maybe I will find my way to Nashville for a trip again. I will hit you guys up again if I do. Oh yes, believe it or not, I still have your CD you gave me!

  3. Yes I read Dave’s first too, we have 4 pillows and 1 throw no tray or candles. Gday from Australia. Love your show too.

  4. I couldn’t help but lmao ? when I was reading about the “2 min bed making adventure” because that is what I put my husband through every day too! And he keeps on saying “ nooo you’re not OCD, not at all!” ?
    PS. My husband still calls them conforters too.
    Loving the site!!
    Cheers from Ottawa

  5. We love your show! My husband too is a “Dave” and while he rarely watches anything other that sports and news he is a big fan. So much so that we PVR your show. He tell me you remind him of “us”. We had no idea you were from Canada. We live in Ancaster, Ontario if you ever want to do a flip we are open to it…ha ha. Love the designs but more than that you two are so likeable.

    My husband loves Dave’s humour and Kort’s so cute ,with a little attitude, but always gets her way. Go figure.

    Congratulations on your show’s success.

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