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Kort’s Closet Staples My Top 10

I don’t have elaborate piercings or tattoos but I do have a lot of clothes. That's one of the many ways I express myself. I don’t really have expensive taste (except for the occasional splurge on shoes or a fantastic coat) and I've always appreciated mixing a great pair of shoes with an outfit I found on the clearance rack. I'd rather have 5 cute dresses that I love of which will all be donated next season, than 1 couture item that will make me crazy if I spill a little wine on it. I’ve also learned which pieces to spend more on and which pieces will come and go with the seasons and should be budget friendly. My mom always dressed us like cute (an 80's sort cute), but I am the oldest of 4 kids, so I remember her looking for sales and taking pride in the fact that we looked cute without buying everything for full-price.

I learned the art of searching the clearance rack before the new stuff from her. And I’ve learned the art of stocking up on the essentials from my adventure filled life. I’ve come up with my list of closet staples to ensure that I’ve got most of those everyday adventures covered.

1 - The Great White T-Shirt

As if this is a surprise to anyone but it’s often overlooked during your shopping experience for something a little more fun. For me, I love simple and classic items paired with trendy accessories and flawless skin. The key to pulling off the simple, it to pay attention to the other details. A crisp white tee and some blue jeans, paired with simple hoops, great hair and skinny belt is my all-time favorite go to http://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0678342002.html - Available at H&M for just $4.99. Buy cheap and buy often. I’ve once spent $40.00 on a white t-shirt but one stain and I’m in the same boat as the one for $4.99 so load up.

2 - Slip-On Shoes

I have a shoe closet. A space dedicated to all of the times I bought yet another pair of shoes that I didn’t need. It’s like a walking into a room of guilt but it’s my guilt. I’m in the midst of cleaning shop, and I will likely blog about parting ways with some of them another time but it’s unlikely that I will be bidding adieu to anything I can slip on. I find that as I get older, (and busier), it’s the little things like doing up straps that annoy me, and therefore, I avoid. A few of the slip-on shoes out now that I would totally buy if I had room in my closet or I didn’t own them already. All of these finds are from www.target.com for under $25.00.

3 - Jeans That Make You Feel Good

If you haven’t found your kind yet, no worries. They are out there and don’t give up. I’ve rushed out to buy jeans that I’ve seen on other women that making their bodies look like a million bucks to find I can’t get them over my hips. I’ve gone through the high-waisted, the tight fitting, the rolled up, the tapered, you name it. I probably have it but my favs are the boyfriend jeans that are slightly distressed and really comfy. They are the most flattering on my body but I always buy a size up because I have a bit of a booty and boys don’t have booties so the boyfriend jean in my size doesn’t accommodate. When I was in Vancouver this year, I tried on a pair of Eunina’s that fit like the boyfriend jean but are called a “Mid Rise Relaxed Skinny” and they are now my go to’s. They look looser on me than the pics you find because I bought a larger size.

4 - Denim Jacket

I learned a long time ago that layers work for me. They work for most women but when you are forced to stare at yourself on camera, you are also forced to deal with your own insecurities. Blah, blah, blah, I’ll save that for another day. The result is that I often layer a cute denim jacket over a t-shirt and call myself “put-together”. In the pic below, taken before we shot a segment on The Today Show, I wore a fun skirt, a simple t-shirt and finished it off with a simple fitted denim jacket. Roll up the sleeves for a more polished look and don’t be afraid to spend a little more for this item. It may be in your wardrobe until your 80. Seriously $138.00.

5 - A Simple Gold Necklace

I bought one at a local store in East Nashville a few weeks ago and haven’t taken it off. It’s dainty and goes with everything. Best of all, I’m not irritated by it so I just sleep with it on most nights. If I’m in the mood for something more substantial, I’ve just been layering it over the gold necklace. I go through stages with my jewelry and I rarely buy anything crazy expensive since I change it up often so this piece won’t stay with me forever, but something similar will always be a staple in my closet.

6 - Neutral Heels

I’m a shorty, coming in at 5’2” and heels make me feel like I’m on a level playing field. Over the years, I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin and with my height and I’ve embraced the flats but owning a neutral heel has nothing to do with my height. They go with everything because duh, they are neutral. I own several comfortable heels in a neutral color but my favs are by the Jessica Simpson line. Ladies, she makes great shoes. I’m a fan. They can be found at https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/jessica-simpson-pheona-pump-women/4928347?or igin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FBrands%2FJessica%20 Simpson%2FWomen%2FShoes&color=nude%20blush

Check them out! Image Image
7 - A Light-Weight Sweater

Remember those jeans and those neutral heels? Now add a colorful sweater. Something that will work for the winter months but isn’t too thick for a cool summer night or a spring work-day. Try a flashier color if everything else is neutral but find something that isn’t too boxy and allows you to move a little. The one below is from my closet and it’s about 10 years old. A staple for sure. I’ve included links to some sweater that I’ve been eyeing myself for the fall.

8 - A Fitted Button-Down Shirt

I hate the phrase “business attire”. I always have. I think we should strive in business to feel great in the things we wear instead of trying to fit some fun personality into khaki pants a black blouse. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that look if it makes you feel like a million bucks but it doesn’t have to be boring. A button-down shirt and some jeans put together with heels and hoops can be thrown together and accomplish the business meeting, the parent-teacher meet and greet, and the lunch with friends.

Image Check it out! Image
9 - Ankle Boots

I was at a promo shoot for season 3 and the stylist had booties by Toms in her bag of goodies. I wore them all day and Toms didn’t disappoint. My feet didn’t hurt after several hours in heels and so I snatched them up. Booties have become the type of shoes that you can wear with jeans, dresses, and shorts so it’s worth investing in a pair that will be a staple in your closet and not something you pull out to go to go out on Friday night. These ones are cute for you fashionista’s and comfortable for the working moms.

Check it out! Image
10 - Leather Jacket

Dave and I recently traveled to Italy and I was forewarned to pack smart. There are SO MANY STAIRS there. Now I know why everyone eats cheese and bread and still manages to stay thin. I was trying to condense everything down to one very large suitcase for 10 days but the weather is all over the place so I packed 4 jackets. Um, yeah, turns out that puts me over 50 lbs so 3 of them had to go. It was a toss up but the leather jacket won out in the end and boy was that a great decision or what? I dressed it up and dressed it down and it served me great until I got home and realized that I had left it there - boo. Sooo, I’m in the market as well. I may opt for Vegan leather this next time around but there are some options below to see what tickles your fancy.


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