Lemon Jar Bouquet

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Lemon Jar Bouquet

Got lemons? Then, you’re good to go!


2 or 3 Lemons
One vase or a wide mouth mason jar will do the trick
White flowers (okay, so you can use anything but white looks so great with yellow so, um, use white)


It will be much easier to work with a container if your hands can fit inside. Learned this the hard way.

The next step is to slice your lemons fairly thin. Learned this the hard way too!

Make sure you don't leave any sliced lemons on your countertop (see tip about citrus removal from marble - ha)


Place your lemons in the container. I do this before flower placement but if the vase is larger and the lemons won’t stay in place, just reverse the order.


Flower selection. Free is best so scavenge your garden first. Do not cut flowers from your neighbors garden. Especially if your neighbors are coming to your party. Mr. Wilson!!!! (Dave - “You said you needed white flowers!”)

This is a truly versatile tip for easy arrangements. You can use limes, oranges or even strawberries. Whatever goes best with the seasonable flower selection.


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10 Comments on “Lemon Jar Bouquet”

  1. Could you please share this in Facebook. I would like to share it with my friends. It is a very good idea.

      1. It was super easy and I got lots of compliments; my boyfriend even thought someone brought them as a gift. I posted a photo on insta and tagged you in the caption. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Wow, it looks very bright and so pretty. l have a lemon tree with a lot of lemons that just fell off of the tree. This is a perfect project….love it! Thanks Kortney.

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