Summertime Herb Centerpiece

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Summertime Herb Centerpiece:

Can’t decide whether or not to bring food or flowers to the party this weekend? I’ve got ya covered. The next summertime arrangement can double as a hostess gift for a summer party or barbecue, or even a housewarming gift, and it won't die. . . well, hopefully.

A potted herb of your choice (we chose basil)
A pretty dishtowel (I mean, everyone appreciates replenishing their old towels, right?)


Once you have selected your potted plant, place it over the reverse side of your dish towel. The pretty side will be face down.

Next, it's time to swaddle. I tried this a few times with different towels and there really wasn’t a right or wrong way as long as it looked good in the end. The only trick is to make sure you don’t wrap the towels from the bottom too many times. If the bottom is too thick, it won’t stand upright. A super thick towel won't work with a flimsy plant.


The ribbon is necessary to hold it all together. Select a complimentary color to coordinate with the dish towel.

Simply cut your ribbon to size and tie a nice bow to secure the towel to the plant. Raffia ribbon works great and then you have the option to pull the ribbon apart to accommodate the look of a larger potted plant.

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