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Hey folks, First off, I want to thank all of our fans around the world for the kind words over the years regarding my hats. I know some believe I am using hats to covering up the fact that I'm bald. Fake news! I love being bald! The hats are just something I have always worn. Even back in high school when I had a bad version of Bon Jovi hair, I wore them then too. In fact, I started shaving my head 2 days before Kortney walked into my life so I consider it good luck, and yes, the hair a little thinner than back then, but I still shave my head every day.

I never spend more than a few seconds deciding which hat to wear. If I do, it means I'm confused on which mood I'm in and we have bigger problems for the day. Think of my hats like Kortney's shoes. Heck, it's the only accessory I have and it makes me look like less of an egg. At the beginning of Masters of Flip, I sported the bald look a few times but the amount of sweat I had to contend with when filming left me looking like I just got out of the shower in each scene. The hat seemed to help get that under control and became my staple.

It was never to cover up the fact that I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS BALD. If it's one of those days where I know it will be chaos, (most days), I wear the ball caps. Not just any ball cap. I will find one that a fan or friend has given me that makes me feel good while rolling through the day. I have my Nashville Predators hat which I wear when I feel unstoppable. I have my Canadian Maple leaf hat that makes me think of home.

I have my diner hats which reminds me of all the great hard working people I grew up with and my love for small towns. My pub caps...I only wear when I try to dress up and wear pants. Very rare. Although I have some great fedoras, I don't wear them. I don't have anything against hipsters, but they don't look good on me no matter which direction I tip it. To the left, I look like a mob boss. To the right, I look like a pimp. Straight on, I look like I'm trying too hard. You all should know I gave up trying too hard back in 2002.

This season of our life and show, I'm going to bare the bald look more often. I like the idea of not wearing a hat all the time and letting the follicles be free in the wind and sun, rain and snow. Just you wait!

To all of you hat wearing peeps out there, keep wearing what you love and make sure the hat matches the mood. #baldisbeautiful

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Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Dave Wilson, an avid dreamer and talented musician, packed his bags and headed to Nashville, TN seeking a career in country music. There, after falling in love with his now wife, Kortney Wilson, he found his passion drew him towards the exhilarating world of flipping houses. With a sharp background in the real estate market and a penchant for the thrill of that final payoff, Dave oversees the day-to-day project management of the flips, all the while keeping eye on that final prize – a profitable outcome from transforming something ugly into something spectacular!