The Pantry Project

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I don’t usually put doors on pantries.

Why? Because it breeds clutter. It’s like the minute you close it up, it becomes a junk room. When we renovated the home we are in now, I came into the house one day and they had framed and hung the door on the pantry. I grabbed a drill and took it off and asked them to case the opening as high as possible. The guy looked at me like I had lost my marbles (a look he gave to me several times during the reno) but it’s a decision I haven’t regretted. I’m not saying that my pantry doesn’t get cluttered. In fact, it does regularly. Usually, after we throw a party and we have leftover snacks and stuff or at the end of summer when the kids and their friends have used the pantry as their personal grocery store, but it’s still a drop spot in our house that I can’t contain. Once every few months I go through everything and throw out the kids papers that I forgot to sign, toss the stale food they opened and never closed back up and wipe the counters down with a degreaser so I can sleep at night, but this project, I took a little further. It was time for a refresher.

I never ignored the smallest rooms in our house. The ½ baths, the closets, the pantry and the mudroom are often the most used and need the most attention. This room is entered a hundred times a week by my family and I wanted to pretty†it up. In just a few steps, I love my pantry again.


Step 1:

Clear out the old, stale and unused items. For me that meant expired can goods, re-organizing photo albums and donating some vases that I had collected over the years. This is a place where we house a lot of extra little things. Not just our food so it took me a little longer than usual since some of the things held sentimental value.

Step 2:

Take everything out of the pantry and give the walls and shelves a coat of paint. I knew that I was going to be adding wallpaper to the backs of the shelves but I still painted the entire thing. If I want to change the look of the wallpaper down the road, I can just peel it off and the paint will be fresh underneath. I used flat paint for the common walls and semi-gloss for the shelves.


Step 3:
I had some wallpaper leftover from one of the houses on season 3. Just enough to cover the back walls of the pantry. I’m a bit of pro at this now having dealt with peel and stick paper several times now, but if you try this at home. Special note* It’s harder to match the pattern on the next piece if you stretch it too much. This is a great project to break your teeth on wallpaper because you are going to place food and baskets in front of the paper when you are done which will be very forgiving if you don’t match the pattern exactly in some spots.

Step 4:
This is my favorite step because it required a trip to IKEA. I heart IKEA so bad. I can’t help myself in that place. I told Dave to take the kids to the cafeteria for some Swedish meatballs and come back in an hour. Dave said, “We will see you out front in 3!” I made it in 3 ½ with 2 carts of storage containers. Turns out I lose all of the time management skills in that place. I overbought because there isn’t an IKEA in Nashville and I wasn’t sure what I was going to need. The good news, there’s always a place in my house that could use some more organizers.

Step 5:
Sort, label with your label-maker (if you are OCD like me) and put everything back on the shelves. I bought a white curtain at IKEA that I hemmed to cover the pots and the pans on the bottom. We used to have doors that hid all of the bakeware but they fell off. The places where the hinges were screwed in were filled so many times that I just thought it would be easier to open a curtain hung on a simple shower rod than it would be to have new doors made. I was right and it’s easier and quieter.

Image Image Image

Step 6:

Hang the chandelier that’s been in your basement for 5 years. There was a flush mount in this room that just sort of disappeared but with the new fresh white walls, the room needed a focal point above. It’s kind of glam and finishes the space off nicely.


Step 7:
Admire and remind your husband when you catch him hanging in that space that he complained the entire trip home from IKEA in Cincinnati that he just doesn’t understand why we need all of these baskets. #irestmycase This was not done for a magazine shoot. This is a fully functional pantry that stores all of our stuff. One that changes from day to day but I hope it’s a little inspiration to whip your kitchen drop spot into shape. Love, Kort

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