The Pantry Project

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Why? Because it breeds clutter. It’s like the minute you close it up, it becomes a junk room. When we renovated the home we are in now, I came into the house one day and they had framed and hung the door on the pantry. I grabbed a drill and took it off and asked them to case the opening … Read More


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Hey folks, First off, I want to thank all of our fans around the world for the kind words over the years regarding my hats. I know some believe I am using hats to covering up the fact that I’m bald. Fake news! I love being bald! The hats are just something I have always worn. Even back in high … Read More

Kort’s Closet Staples – My Top 10

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I don’t have elaborate piercings or tattoos but I do have a lot of clothes. That’s one of the many ways I express myself. I don’t really have expensive taste (except for the occasional splurge on shoes or a fantastic coat) and I’ve always appreciated mixing a great pair of shoes with an outfit I found on the clearance rack. … Read More

Kortney’s Skin Prep

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Skin Prep for Make up All makeup that you see, on TV, film, fashion shows, and in magazines, all start the same. With skin prep. It’s the foundation for everything you are about to apply to your face. When you work in film and television, it is probably the most important thing that you do. Especially since the invention of … Read More

Welcome to Dave’s corner, folks

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Dear Kortney, I woke up this morning and want to thank you in advance for all you are about to do today. This is how I will start every blog because it just makes sense for me long-term. Here’s the thing though. Every morning, I silently bitch and complain about it as I do the math. 2 minutes, 7 times a … Read More

Removing Stains from Marble Counter Tops

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When life gives you lemons. . . DON’T PUT THEM ON YOUR MARBLE! Whenever we install marble in a house, we must sign an extra disclaimer stating that we are aware that citrus juice (among other things) will stain and dull the marble countertops. Yes, yes, I know, but they look SO GOOD! We have a guest house in our … Read More

Kort’s Spaghetti Sauce

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I learned to cook by following recipes but somewhere between all the time in the world to explore recipes and 3 kids and soccer practice, I learned a few tricks to a fast and healthy meal that works for our family. My spaghetti sauce is one of those things. The kids (and Dave) love it and our guests have been … Read More